alphabet broadsides
This is an on-going broadside project begun in 2006 to explore some of the possible variations in the relationship between a large letterform used within a confined space and a poem. Three self-imposed limitations are at play. Every broadside will be the same size, the letterform will not be enlarged or reduced from its original size, and the edition size will remain the same. Variations will emerge in type style and size, type of paper, and color. Each edition consists of 75 signed and numbered copies. All are 11 x 17 inches. They are $75 apiece.

"Joplin," Jeffrey Brown 2018
"Brown Towhee," Jospeh Stroud 2017
"Crows," Gaylord Schanilec 2016
"Rotation," Natasha Trethewey 2015
“Coming Home, Detroit, 1968,”
Philip Levine 2014
“Incident,” Gerald Lange 2014
“The Wilderness,” W. S. Merwin 2012
“X-Poetics,” Johanna Drucker 2012
“Tune,” Kay Ryan 2011
“Smoking Holes,” Richard Lang 2011
“Depression,” Janet Rodney 2010
“Mojave,” Lindsay Hill 2009
“Before the Snake,” Nathaniel Tarn 2008
“Zhaozhou Congshen,” Robert Bringhurst 2007
“I Know a Man,” Robert Creeley 2006
“Beyond Freedom,” Michael Hannon 2006


additional broadsides

“Of a Little River in Oxfordshire Neare
Mary Sidney 2010
“The Good Marriage,” Michael Hannon 2010
“In Praise of Hands,” Stuart Kestenbaum 2008
“To the Surgeon Kevin Lin,” W.S. Merwin 2005
“To the Book,” W.S. Merwin 2003
“Flying the Body,” Nathaniel Tarn 2003
“Twin Double-Barrel Shogun,” José Montoya 1990




sun valley writers’ conference broadsides
Since 2000 Ninja Press has been creating broadsides and chapbooks especially for the benefactors and patrons of The Sun Valley Writers’ Conference held in Sun Valley, Idaho in August of each year. An excerpt from a text is selected from the works of a chosen presenter for that particular year and is rendered into this limited edition. A copy of each broadside is offered as a gift to the standing order patrons of Ninja Press as well. A few copies remain available. Each edition consists of 120 signed copies. All are $75 apiece.

“To Paula in Late Spring,” W.S. Merwin 2019
Michael Ondaatje 2018
“While Eating a Pear,” Billy Collins 2017
“The New Song,” W.S. Merwin 2014
“Horizon,” Billy Collins 2013
“Boy & Egg,” Naomi Shihab Nye 2012
“Spiderweb,” Kay Ryan 2011
  Kapuściński quote from Shah of Shahs, 2011
“Vixen,” W.S. Merwin 2010
“Alphabet Juice,” Roy Blount Jr. quotes, 2009
“Flying At Night,” Ted Kooser 2008
“The Flight of the Reader,” Billy Collins 2006
“Tradition,” Thomas Cahill 2005
  Thomas Cahill quote from The Gift of the Jews, 2003